What is EHOO

EHOO – Early Harvest Olive Oil

AGOURELEO (free translation) UNRIPE OIL

“Olive oil that is produced from unripe green olives.” 

Early harvest extra virgin olive oils can be more expensive and hard to find than other extra virgin oils since unripe olives produce less oil and need to be handpicked right from the trees. Extra low acidity (0.24) and higher antioxidant content is worth the money. Polyphenols oleacein and oleocanthal, olive oil is the only source of food containing those two powerful antioxidant ingredients. This may be the next medicine in the pharmacy. Very limited quantities of olive oil is produced from unripe fruit in Greece each year.

The higher chlorophyll content in unripe olives makes the early harvest oil called “agoureleo” in Greek, greener and richer in healthy polyphenols.

This rare quality is the royalty of olive oil and is worth more than double the value of extra virgin olive oil.

The excellent nutritional value of early harvest olive oil is acknowledged worldwide.

These polyphenols have been credited with significant anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, cardio-protective and neuro-protective properties.